Our Team

Colin Spencer
Colin Spencer
Colin has a long history in Denver, editing at Channel 9KUSA/Gannet Production Services, then moving on to Colorado Production Group as an editor, and onto Update Productions as a Producer, before forming Colin Spencer Productions…. and if you want to turn the clock back a little bit more you could have found him working on feature films. So, suffice it to say that he has many years of experience in the broadcast/film industry and 19 years of successful entrepreneurship under his belt. Colin’s main goal is shooting and editing “Client Satisfied” projects.

Loyola Marymount University, BA ~ Film and Television Production

Terry Spencer
Terry Spencer
Thinking outside the box has always always been my way of life… which could explain the criticisms I received as a child for coloring outside the lines.

After graduating with a degree in Broadcast Production from University of Wisconsin/Madison, I followed my career path and began working at a small Television Station in San Luis Obispo, California as the Creative Services Director. It was there I began writing TV scripts for local advertiser’s and realizing the importance of telling a good story.  It was also there that I began a life long collaboration with Colin Spencer. From there, I would move to Copywriting and Account Executive work at ad agencies, Marketing for a large cable company, and also crossing paths again with Colin Spencer at 9KUSA.

My diverse background brings a positive”can do” attitude to our company, and I understand the steps needed to create a compelling video.

We Work Together to Get YOU Results

So, you walk into a Diner and the waitress asks you—“hey honey what do you want? she continues, and recites the blue plate specials of the day—but you are still having difficulty choosing—it all sounds so good…we do essentially the same thing—we listen to your needs and desires and then carefully craft a plan to get you the results you want to achieve.

Video is such a crucial part of today’s marketing that you want to make sure you are working with someone who has the experience to guide you.

The value that Colin Spencer Productions brings to all of our projects is that of a caring, committed partner. That is a true testament of our company’s philosophy. In fact, many of our client’s consider Colin Spencer Productions a valued partner to their business. It’s because we care about you and the work we do for you!! We are not happy until you are!

Our Crazy Skills

Telling YOUR Story 97%
Making Our Clients Smile 91%
Surfing 56%
Tales From NJ Exits 87%